Rates are subject to change. For the most current rates, please call BHCSCU at 214-820-2342.

We are currently offering rates as low as 2.73% APR* for new and used vehicles. Contact Belinda or Janice before you finance your vehicle with someone else.

For a limited time, enjoy an introductory rate of 3.90% APR* on Credit Cards for the first 6 months.

Loan Rates

New Vehicles
72 months maximum2.73%-18.00% APR*
Used Vehicles
2017, 2016 & 201560 months maximum2.73%-18.00% APR*
201454 months maximum2.73%-18.00% APR*
201348 months maximum2.73%-18.00% APR*
201242 months maximum2.73%-18.00% APR*
201136 months maximum2.73%-18.00% APR*
2010 & older30 months maximum2.73%-18.00% APR*
All Other Vehicles
Boats, Motorcycles & RV’sterm same as new & used vehicles4.73%-18.00% APR*
Farm Equipmentterm same as new & used vehicles4.73%-18.00% APR*
Signature Loans36 months maximum10.90%-18.00% APR*
Share Secured24 months or less 7.50% APR*
25 months or more 8.50% APR*
Line of Credit24 months maximum10.90%-18.00% APR*
MasterCard LoansRegular3.90% APR* for first six months, 12.90% APR* thereafter
Secured3.90% APR* for first six months, 12.90% APR* thereafter
Gold3.90% APR* for first six months, 12.90% APR* thereafter

Example: If you borrow $20,000 at 2.73% APR* for 60 months, your monthly payment will be $356.98

  • *APR: Wording s/b Rates are subject to change without notice.


TypeMinimum Opening DepositDividend RateAPY*Minimum Balance to Earn DividendDividend Frequency
Regular Share (Savings)$250.30%0.30%$100Quarterly
Share Drafts (Checking)$200.05%0.05%$1,000Monthly
Christmas Club$250.20%0.20%$25Annually
IRA (all)$250.50%0.50%$25Quarterly

*APY = Annual Percentage Yield. Accurate as of 9/30/16.

Rates are effective as of 7/31/20.

Dividends – The Board of Directors reserves the right to change dividend rates without notice.